Ben & Jerry's מקסימום פערים פי 7 !!!!!
הוספת תגובה לדף  שווים ושווים הרבה יותר
שם הכותב:  זמי בן-חורין
מקום מגורים:  "קיבוץ" געש
נושא / כותרת  Ben & Jerry's מקסימום פערים פי 7 !!!!!
תוכן ההודעה:  Ben & Jerry’s commitment to economic justice starts with our employees. That’s why we are committed to paying all of our full-time manufacturing workers a livable wage – enough to allow for a quality of life that includes decent housing, health care, transportation, food, recreation, savings, and miscellaneous expenses.

Every year, we recalculate the livable wage to make sure it’s keeping up with the actual cost of living in Vermont. In recent years, Ben & Jerry’s livable wage has been more than twice the national minimum wage, landing at $13.25 in 2008.
Its path-breaking practices include everything from paying living wages to restraining the differential between pay for the CEO and the lowest level employee--it's set at a multiple of seven at Ben & Jerry's. Think about that today. The average multiple at other companies is 700! Disclosure, I am the chair of the board of Ben & Jerry's so I am proud of what the company does even though there is much more to do.
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